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D_E_S_K is a triple bill production collaborated with Monochrome Circus (Kyoto) and JunJun SCIENCE. JunJun choreographed a piece called Green Table for the company, also he showed his solo work called deskwork.


Green Table (2009)

How to confuse yourself in a small galaxy of a dining table.....
Like a sophisticated illustration of Maurice Escher, this piece draws you into a paradox in a most exciting way. Is it on the ground or in the underground? Are they a family or strangers? Are you looking up or down? Sequential crossover of the various sceneries will be profiled on the table, or in the table, or maybe under the table. Borrowed a title from a masterpiece of Kurt Jooss, this piece tries to suggest the solitude of the individuals which used to be a social issues rather than a personal issues.



Choreography: JunJun

Music: Toru Yamanaka

Stage Set: graf

Dance: Yuki Goda, Yuko Mori, Kyoko Nomura (Monochrome Circus) and Hirokazu Morikawa (or Jun Morii)

Length: 25min.





deskwork (2009)


A man is fighting against a table nothing on it. This is a journey of the thoughts arising one after the other in his mind. Getting into the maze of thoughts, only the time is passing so punctually.

Oh, what did I think about? 


Choreography / Dance: JunJun

Music: Jin Takemoto

Length: 20min.

Green Table©Toshihiro Shimizu

D_E_S_K (2009)

deskwork©Toshihiro Shimizu

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