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Is JunJun's independent project established in 2006. In this project a director, a choreographer, and a dancer JunJun is focusing on the concept that is to illuminate an interactive relationship between the audience and the performance. He choreographs and performs on his own as well as choreographs the other artists or companies. 

Awarded "Jury prize" for Sounds of Blink at Yokohama Dance Collection-R Solo×duo competition(2007).



JunJun was born in Yokohama, Japan. He started his performing career with mime and contemporary dance. In 1995 he formed "Mizu to Abura" a mime based physical theatre company with his colleagues. Mizu to Abura had toured successfully both in Japan and internationally, awarded at major Japanese performing arts prizes and also at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. After Mizu to Abura suspended their activities as a company in 2006, JunJun started his own project "JunJun SCIENCE" and had performed in Japan and internationally. His recent works include midnight sun (2013), SANDLAND(2012) and Triptych(2012) and so on. JunJun is also known as an experienced dance teacher and teaches at regular movement classes in Tokyo as well as many workshops in different cities.

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